The Boards

Bread and Butter Board

Rustic toasted breads served with 4 house made butters.  


Fresh Cheese Board *                                                               

Local cheeses, crackers, grapes, dried fruits and our herbed nut blend.


Charcuterie Board *                                                                  

Meats, fruit, cheese, Crackers, olives, herbed nuts, rustic bread, herbed butter.


Baked Berry Goat Cheese Board *                                               

Creamy goat cheese baked with wine infused berries.  Served with toasted Italian bread.


Herb Tomato Goat Cheese Board *                                             

Creamy goat cheese baked with our house made herbed tomato sauce.  Served with toasted Italian bread.


Loaded Hummus Board *                                         

Roasted red pepper hummus topped with olive oil, olives, red onion, tomato, cucumber and feta.  Served with pita chips and veggies.


Bruschetta Dip Board*                                                           

Warm herbed cheese topped with our fresh tomato and basil bruschetta.  Served with toasted Italian bread and pita chips.


Pretzel Board                                                                        

2 pretzels served with honey mustard, herbed tomato & creamy pesto sauces.


Tuscan Sausage Dip Board*                                                          

Creamy skillet cheese dip made with our Traminette, Italian sausage, fire roasted tomatoes, spinach & herbs. Served with bread & tortilla chips.


Italian Nacho Board *                                                                     

Tortilla Chips topped with melted white cheeses, roasted red peppers, bruschetta tomato, olives, lettuce & a creamy pesto drizzle. 


Spinach Dip Board *                                                                       

Hot spinach artichoke dip served with tortilla chips & salsa.


Flatbread Pizza Boards *                                                             

Traditional: House made red wine sauce, cheese and fresh herbs.

Caprese: Fresh tomato, basil pesto, cheese, fresh basil & balsamic drizzle.

Pepperoni: House made red wine sauce, cheese, pepperoni & fresh herbs.

White Sausage Mushroom: Cream sauce, sausage, mushroom, onion & fresh herbs.


Dessert Boards:                                                                              

Smores Skillet: Skillet brownie infused with red wine.  Topped with gooeychocolate, toasted marshmallows & crumbly graham topping.

Pound Cake Skillet: Warm pound cake topped with wine infused berries, ice cream & whipped cream.


  • Items marked * are Gluten Free or have Gluten Free option available.   Ask your server