Chilean Malbec

Dry Red

Lightly oaked with notes of cherry, vanilla and chocolate.

Sweet Jettie

Sweet Red

Concord and Chancellor blend. Sweet but balanced wine with the flavor of fresh grapes.


Dry White

Crisp with a floral aroma.  Notes of apricot and honey. 

Cayuga White

Off Dry White

Light floral with hints of apple and mixed fruit.


Semi Sweet White

Aromas of citrus blossom and honey with hints of apple and peach.

Vidal Blanc

Sweet White

Fruit forward with notes of pineapple and pear.


Sweet White

Fresh off the vine grape flavor.


Sweet Blush/Rose'

Light bodied sweet Rose' style wine with notes of light berries and watermelon

Vidal Ice Wine

Sweet Dessert Wine

Grapes are frozen on the Vine to create this specialty wine.  Balanced notes of apricot, honey, peach and pineapple.


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